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Bristol, CT

Senior Living & Assisted Care
117 units
Preferred Annual Return 11%1
Est. Cash-on-Cash Annual Return 13.30%2
Est. Equity Multiple 2.33x2

Elevation 1659
Milwaukee, WI

Multifamily Apartments
117 units
Preferred Annual Return 12%1
Est. Cash-on-Cash Annual Return 15.30%2
Est. Equity Multiple 2.68x2

Footnotes: (1) Per project preferred returns are set by the fund manager, ICOZ Manager, LLC.The preferred returns are contractual in nature as they are displayed here.There is no guarantee that investors will receive their preferred returns. (2) Estimated Cash-on-Cash Annual returns, and Equity Multiples for each project is based on projected project cash flows, and current pro form assumptions.

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